0 53m 5m Pure color non woven new strong self adhesive wallpaper wardrobe window glass wall stickers mold proof wall papers in Wallpapers from Home Improvement

0 53m 5m Pure color non woven new strong self adhesive wallpaper wardrobe window glass wall stickers mold proof wall papers in Wallpapers from Home Improvement
0 53m 5m Pure color non woven new strong self adhesive wallpaper wardrobe window glass wall stickers mold proof wall papers in Wallpapers from Home Improvement
0 53m 5m Pure color non woven new strong self adhesive wallpaper wardrobe window glass wall stickers mold proof wall papers in Wallpapers from Home Improvement
0 53m 5m Pure color non woven new strong self adhesive wallpaper wardrobe window glass wall stickers mold proof wall papers in Wallpapers from Home Improvement
0 53m 5m Pure color non woven new strong self adhesive wallpaper wardrobe window glass wall stickers mold proof wall papers in Wallpapers from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Charge Unit: Usd/Roll

Material: Fabric

Usage: Administration

Usage: Commerce

Usage: Entertainment

Usage: Household

Style: Europe

Use: Living Room

Use: Bedding Room

Use: Study

Use: Kitchen

Use: Kids' Room

Use: Wedding House

Use: Elders' Room

Pattern: Solid

Surface Treatment: Printed

Type: Textile Wallpapers

Textile Wallpaper Material: Non-Woven

Model Number: KWN28

Function: Waterproof

Function: Moisture-Proof

Function: Mould-Proof

Function: Smoke-Proof

Function: Soundproof

Function: Sound-Absorbing

Function: Heat Insulation

Function: Anti-static

is_customized: Yes

Feature: Mildew Resistant

Feature: Formaldehyde-free

Feature: Environment Friendly

Feature: Extra Thick

Feature: Water Resistant

Brand Name: DISH



Product Description                                                                                                                     

Product Name:
solid wallpaper 
0.53m(W) *1m(L)( Length can be customized)
Water Proof, Moisture Proof, Mould Proof, Smoke Proof,Heat Insulation
Household, Administration, Commerce, Entertainment 
Width 0.53m Length at least 5m


*We don't provide the wallpaper glue ,please prepare it by yourself ,thanks


*A tip attention: replenishment different of batch there will be color difference please purchasing enough. (Due to production of when temperature with humidity control not.) please you buyers attention

 Color tones can vary due to lighting in the room, pictures on wall for reference only.
To avoid color shade difference on wall, order in one time to make sure they are from the same lot/batch.
 Better to BUY ONE MORE ROLL in case of extra waste and can keep as spared use. 
Gluing: Paste the wall ONLY
More details, please search "how to install wallpaper" on youtube


5.Paste wallpaper also have a process General including five a steps,

1, first is cleaning grass-roots to fill in the aperture, gypsum board surface joint the need to posted seam tape, fill putty;

2, putty smooth in grass-roots processing when must clean up clean, smooth, smooth;

3, brushing agent moisture-proof coating should be brushing uniform should not be too thick;

4, cutting paper, glue available plumb line in wall on the marked wallpaper of format width;

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  • 自粘含黄色_01.png
















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2. we pack mail, postal parcels, if you are very urgent, you can choose the DHL, fedex, the Middle East routes, EMS.
3. Your order will be shipped with handling time with tracking number.
4. Normal lead time:3-5days
5. Shipping is free.But the custom fees and the charges of remote region are not included.We are not responsible for your customs duty.


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1. For all your inquiry,we will reply you as quickly as possible.
2. If there have any problems about the products,contact us please.We will take care of it immediately.
3. Free sample are available.You only need to pay the delivey.
4. Customize is accepted.







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