GOM04E 3A 4 way solid state relay module high or low level trigger 60V 3A optocoupler isolated output level shifting in Relays from Home Improvement

GOM04E 3A 4 way solid state relay module high or low level trigger 60V 3A optocoupler isolated output level shifting in Relays from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Theory: Time Relay

Model Number: GOM04E-3A

Module description
1. DC 5-36V wide voltage power supply, with power supply anti-reverse capability;
2, the rated output of the output port: AC-DC 0-50V/2A; peak load: AC-DC 0-60V/3A (within 100ms);
3. The output port is a normally open switch contact, which is a dry node with no charge, and has no requirement for current direction;
4, input control high, low level selectable; built-in current limiting resistor, you can directly use the positive or negative control of the power supply, you can also use the I / O port control of the microcontroller;
5, the module has strong anti-interference ability and stable performance; the trigger current only needs 0.1mA;
6, the module has 1 way, 2 way, 4 way, 8 way to choose;
7, with power indicator (red) and relay status indicator for each channel (blue)
8. There are 4 3mm fixing bolt holes, which can be directly screwed or installed using standard rail brackets.
9, module size: 6.0cm * 5.0m * 1.0cm (length * width * height)
Module interface
Module control terminal:
1, DC+: external DC power supply positive
2, DC-: external DC power supply negative
3, XM: Trigger public port, you can select high level or low level trigger through this interface
4, X1-X4: Trigger terminal, you can select high level or low level trigger, trigger current only needs 0.1mA
When selecting a high level trigger: 3-32V is a valid high level voltage
When low level trigger is selected: 0-2V is a valid low level voltage
Relay output:
1, NO1-NO4: relay normally open interface, the relay is suspended before the suction, after the suction and short circuit with COM;
2, C0M1-COM4: relay common interface

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